"Help Criminals of the World improve their business!"

You are a recent business school graduate and you got hired by an obscure firm called Dark Island Consulting.
Turns out, this company only works with criminals to help them improve their business.
Your first adventure is to help a Bloodthirsty Mexican Drug Lord called Mr. Ruiz to improve profitability.
You will travel the world to understand Mr Ruiz's business and you will have to avoid temptations and traps on the way.
Are you ready to join the dark side of business?
Game On!


I started writing about this about a year ago. I was a business school student and we had to prepare a lot for consulting job interviews.
But most of the practice cases were boring and not entertaining. So I decided to create some fun ones.
It was actually my most successful blog post: 

This year, I decided to turn it into a real video game!
This is only a first draft version. I'm trying to see if there is an interest in these type of games and if the gameplay is entertaining enough.
I have tons of ideas for other chapters and also to make the story longer. Let me guys know what you think!



DarkIslandConsulting-1.0-mac.zip 29 MB
DarkIslandConsulting-1.0-pc.zip 45 MB

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